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Lomakatsi Partners with The Freshwater Trust on Bear Creek Restoration

Blackberries.  For those in the Northwest, they are a constant presence, sprouting from seemingly impossible locations to grab pant legs, bury water spigots, and occasionally provide a delicious treat.  But if blackberries can survive in cracks in concrete and along roadways, it’s nothing compared to what happens when they take hold in prime growing areas.

01/30/2018-Today is the day! Until…it isn’t.

Predicting the behavior of fire is complicated.  For the partnership of organizations working in the Ashland watershed, a litany of factors must be taken into account when determining when, where, and how to introduce healthy fire to an environment in an ongoing effort to reduce the hazardous buildup of fuels in the area.  From humidity and temperature to wind speed and barometric pressure, each variable impacts whether a burn will be a success.

7/17/2017 – Youth Ecological Stewardship Training and Employment Program

Lomakatsi is leading two youth training programs this year – the Ashland Watershed Youth Training and Employment Program, and the Issi Wah Tribal Youth Ecological Workforce Program in Northern California. Both programs run for a full month, and provide participants with valuable hands-on training and given opportunities to explore career paths in natural resources, ecocultural and ecosystem restoration practice, restoration ecology science, as well as Traditional Ecological Knowledge taught by tribal elders, natural resource professionals and cultural specialists. Learn more about our youth ecological stewardship training and employment program.

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