The First, Best Stewards: Aboriginal Fire and the Klamath Siskiyous

As part of the 2020 Fire & Climate Summit, Lomakatsi coordinated a panel on indigenous fire and how tribal communities are working to restore balance to their ancestral lands. Watch the recording below!

The First, Best Stewards: Aboriginal Fire and the Klamath Siskiyous

This webinar was held Wednesday, May 20, 2020 – 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

The peoples native to southern Oregon and northern California have been using fire as an ecological caretaking tool since time immemorial. This panel will explore topics including the cultural landscape of the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion, fire ecology, indigenous stewardship practices, colonialism and its impact on the land and people, and climate change impacts. Learn how Native American tribes and tribal communities are leading landscape-scale ecological restoration partnerships in the region and incorporating traditional knowledge and ecocultural practices into restoration forestry work that sets the stage for carefully applied, controlled fire.


Dan Wahpepah, Founder/Co-Director, Red Earth Descendants, Aanishinaabe Kiikaapoa – Meskwaki

Margo Robbins, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Cultural Fire Management Council, Yurok Tribe

Elizabeth Azzuz, Board of Directors Secretary, Cultural Fire Management Council, Yurok Tribe

Richard F. O’Rourke III, Fire Coordinator for the Cultural Fire Management Council, Yurok Tribe

Doug Bird, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dept. of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University


Belinda Brown, Tribal Partnership Director, Lomakatsi, Kosealekte Band -Ajumawi-Atsuge Nation (Pit River Tribe)

Click here to read a blog post about aboriginal fire by Lomakatsi’s Tribal Partnerships Program Interns Daranda Hinkey and Tule O’Rourke.

This panel is sponsored by Lomakatsi Restoration Project’s Tribal Partnerships Program and KS Wild.

The Fire & Climate Summit was developed in collaboration with the following organizations:

Lomakatsi Restoration Project, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, Jackson County Fuel Committee, Northwest Forest Worker Center, Red Earth Descendants, Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, Vesper Meadow, Fairbanks Forest Management, and KS Wild.

Read more about the Summit and view the other webinar recordings here.

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