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Aaron Nauth, Board Secretary

Aaron has served on the Lomakatsi Board since 2002. In the early formation of Lomakatsi, it was decided that one representative from the workforce would always be present on the Board. Aaron has been that person. Aaron has worked for Lomakatsi for the past 12 years and currently manages Lomakatsi’s daily workforce operations. Prior to Aaron’s current position, he served Lomakatsi as a crew boss for thinning and piling operations, and as a burn boss during prescribed fire applications. From 2002-2005, Aaron managed and assisted in the development of Lomakatsi’s native plant shade house nurseries.  Aaron has extensive experience for managing the implementation of complex silvicultural prescriptions for fuels reduction, forest health and wildlife habitat enhancement projects and serves as an agency liaison and project inspector. Aaron also serves Lomakatsi as an assigned Forest Farm Labor Contractor Representative and is Lomakatsi’s Chief Workforce Safety Officer.

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