What is really clear, to all of us here at Lomakatsi, as we reflect back through the years, is how important our supporters have been in helping us become the organization we are today. From communities across Oregon and Northern California, to tribes and schools, from federal and state agencies to municipalities and community organizations, and from the hundreds of technicians and forest workers to our contracting partners on the ground, we send to all of you a deeply felt thank you. Below is a snapshot of what we, together with your help, have been able to accomplish over the last two decades. It ends with a look into the future. A future where we will continue to bring life into balance.

20 Years of Ecosystem Restoration 20 Years of Accomplishment
20 Years of Building Partnerships Our Partners
20 Years of Educating and Building Capacity Into the Future

20 Years of Ecosystem Restoration

Oak Habitat Restoration
Iconic Landscapes
– Since its inception Lomakatsi has worked in a collaborative, holistic approach, to restore oak ecosystems throughout Oregon and northern California. One of the most biological diverse plant communities in our region, it is also one of the most threatened.
Restoration Forestry
Resilient Forests – Since its inception Lomakatsi has worked with a variety of land owners – US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Tribes, and private property – to restore ecological function to degraded forests. Guided by science and traditional knowledge, ecological restoration forestry returns forests to a more natural, healthy, and fire resistant condition that promotes and protects wildlife, legacy trees, imperiled species and communities.
Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Restoration
Water is Life – Increasing the quality and quantity of cool fresh water in the creeks and rivers of the region are at the foundation of Lomakatsi’s relationship with the landscape. Wild salmon, migratory birds, farmers and communities all depend on rivers to sustain their existence. Lomakatsi has been implementing in-stream and streamside restoration for two decades.
Prescribed Fire
Born of Fire – Many of the ecosystems of the region have evolved with fire, and many species are dependent on fire to thrive. Since 2000, Lomakatsi has been implementing controlled burns to put fire back on the landscape as a tool to reduce the unnatural accumulations of fuels and as an important ecological agent for achieving restoration objectives.

20 Years of Building Partnerships

Building partnerships – Lomakatsi was founded on the principle that restoring ecosystems heals human communities, and that healing communities is key to creating successful ecological restoration. Ecological restoration requires the knowledge, expertise and support of a wide range of agencies, environmental organizations, civic groups and individuals to be successful. Lomakatsi builds partnerships that support reconciliation between environmentalists and the logging community, government agencies and local communities. Together, they are able to accomplish much more than anyone could on their own.
Working with Tribes
Restoring Ecosystems and Enhancing Tribal Economies – Over the last ten years Lomakatsi has worked with Native American Tribes and tribal communities to build sustainable restoration programs. Working together building tribal capacity to conduct restoration projects on ancestral lands, to provide long-term jobs, and develop a skilled workforce. Lomakatsi has established long-term program partnerships with the Klamath Tribes and Pit River Tribe. Regional projects and initiatives have also been implemented with the Karuk Tribe, Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community, and Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians.

20 Years of Educating and Building Capacity

Working with Youth
Engaging and Educating Youth – Since inception, Lomakatsi has worked with schools and thousands of students to provide hands-on experiences with native plant nurseries, restoration, forest and streamside ecology, and technical skills to help restore streams and forests throughout the region.
Mentoring the Next Generation – Lomakatsi’s flagship Youth Training and Employment Program trains youth, ages 16-21, in restoration ecology, giving them skills in planting, erosion control, invasive weed removal, as well as technical experience with equipment and tools. The program also includes training youth crews in tribal communities. Often, the young crews have an opportunity to work together, on their tribal lands and in the Ashland Watershed and streamside recovery projects. For many of the students, the program is life changing.
Workforce Training
Enhancing Livelihoods – Since 1999, we have trained hundreds of workers in rural forest-based communities in ecological forestry, fire ecology, soils, wildlife habitat, plant associations, and watershed function, thus enabling them to carry out detailed ecological prescriptions and recognize unique situations in our diverse and complex ecosystems.

20 Years of Working in Communities and Ecosystems Lomakatsi has –

  • Implemented restoration prescriptions on over 35,000 acres of private and public lands
  • Worked with hundreds of private property owners to restore their forests
  • Treated over 2,000 acres with prescribed fire
  • Restored over 13 miles of fish bearing streams and riparian forests
  • Planted over 300,000 native trees and shrubs
  • Planted hundreds of acres of native grasses
  • Implemented invasive plant species removal on hundreds acres
  • Engaged hundreds of classes and thousands of students planting trees, maintaining trails, plant nursery maintenance, plant and wildlife education, ecosystem education and nature tours
  • Infused over $25 million into communities and ecosystems
  • Delivered over 6.5 million board feet of logs to local mills
  • Delivered 150,000 tons of value added wood products for post and poles, firewood and biomass for energy generation
  • Trained over one hundred skilled sawyers to implement ecological restoration prescriptions
  • Trained dozens of ecological restoration forestry technicians
  • Trained and mentored over a hundred of young adults in the technical aspects of restoration ecology
  • Conducted vegetation and wildlife monitoring
  • Established six community plant nurseries for ecological restoration
  • Employed hundreds of seasonal and full-time ecological restoration workers and technicians
  • Worked in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, Douglas, Lane, Yamhill, Lake, Siskiyou, Trinity, Shasta, Lassen, Modoc, Del Norte, and Humboldt counties

20 Years of Partnerships

Community, Agency and Tribal Partners

Ashland Food Cooperative • Ashland Fire and Rescue • Ashland Parks and Recreation • Ashland School District • Bear Creek Watershed Council • California Deprtment of Fish & Game • California Fire and Forestry • California Trout • City of Ashland • City of Eugene • City of Klamath Falls • City of Medford • Colestin Rural Fire District • Community Works • Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians • Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community • Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians • Douglas County Parks and Recreation • Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District • Fire Learning Network • Forestry Action Committee • Hayfork Watershed Research and Training Center • Indigenous Peoples Restoration Network • Jackson County Fuels Committee • Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District • Jackson WellSprings • Karuk Tribe • Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust • Klamath Bird Observatory • Klamath Lake Land Trust • Klamath Parks and Recreation • Klamath Tribes • Klamath-Siskiyou Oak Network • Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center • Lithia Boys • Mid Klamath Watershed Council • Northern California Prescribed Fire Council • Northern California Resource Center • Northwest Forest Worker Center • Northwest Youth Corp • Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife • Oregon Dept. of Forestry • Oregon State University • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board • Pacific Power – Blue Sky Habitat Fund • Pit River Tribe • REI • Rogue Basin Partnership • Rogue Valley Audubon • Science Works Museum • Siskiyou Land Conservancy • South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership • Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative • Southern Oregon Land Conservancy • Southern Oregon Prescribed Fire Network • Southern Oregon University • The Fresh Water Trust • The Nature Conservancy • UC Regents • Upper Rogue Watershed Council • US Bureau of Land Management • US Fish and Wildlife Service • US Forest Service • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service • W.E. McArthur & Associates, Inc • Wildlife Conservation Society


Bottroff Excavation • Brierville Fire & Forestry • Don Hamann, Inc • Forest Energy Group • Grayback Foresty • Inland Timber • Jackson County Community Justice • JD Forestry • John Haskell Self-Loaders • Krutchers Sawmill • Lasater Transportation & Contracting • Mountain View Reforestation • MP Forestry • Oregon Safe Tree • Pacific Oasis • Pacific Slope Tree Co • Pine West Reforestation • Pinnard Logging • Ponderosa Reforestation • Quicksilver Contracting • Rogue Valley Backflow Service • Shelterwood Forestry Enterprises • Siskiyou Fire Services • Skordahl Reforestation • Slide Creek Contracting • Small Creek Farm • Spindrift Forestry Consulting • Strauss Ecological Services • Summit Wood Products • WD Fire and Forestry • Winzler & Kelly • Yankee Creek Forest Works


Ashland School Foundation • Audobon Together Green • Baraka Foundation • Carpenter Foundation • Hardy Plant Society • Hinkle Charitable Foundation • Oregon Community Foundation • The Hundredth Monkey • The Zoline Foundation • Tides Foundation • Toyota-Together Green • Wildlife Conservation Society


Armadillo Technical Institute • Ashland High School • Ashland High School (Catalyst Program) • Ashland High School (Special Needs Program) • Ashland High School (Thoreau Program) • Ashland Middle School • John Muir School • Cascade Christian High School • Central Medford High School • Evans Valley Elementary • Helman Elementary School • Lincoln Elementary School • Logos Charter School • North Medford High School • Phoenix High School • Roosevelt Elementary School • Shady Cove Elementary • Siskiyou School • South Medford High School • St. Mary’s High School • St. Mary’s Middle School • Talent Outdoor Discovery Program • Willow Wind Community Learning Center

Into the Future
Lomakatsi has secured agreements covering hundreds of thousands of acres over the next ten years. We will engage with our partners to implement ecosystem restoration projects across the region. Our goal is to utilize these agreements and partnerships to increase the pace and scale of our work to meet the need within the region. We will increase our capacity over the next ten years from $5 million and 5,000 acres per year to $10 million and 12,000 acres per year. These partnerships and initiatives will infuse nearly $70 million into local communities, supporting hundreds of jobs and creating resilient ecosystems.

Lomakatsi will also work to share the model that we have built together with other regions across the country.

Existing Collaborative Ecosystem Restoration Agreements
Federal Land Initiatives
10 year Master Stewardship Agreements

  • Klamath Tribal Ecosystem Restoration Partnership: working on the Klamath Reservation Forest/Fremont-Winema National Forest in partnership with the Klamath Tribes, Lomakatsi, The Nature Conservancy and US Forest Service. Partnership commenced September 2011.
  • Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project: partnership between the City of Ashland, Lomakatsi, The Nature Conservancy and US Forest Service. Partnership commenced March 2010.
  • Wild Rivers MSA: partnership between US Forest Service and Lomakatsi. Partnership commenced November 2008.
  • Medford District Conservation Stewardship: partnership between the Bureau of Land Management and Lomakatsi. Partnership commenced September 2013.

Private and All Lands Initiatives

  • Ashland Forest All-Lands Restoration Project: reducing fire risk and protecting habitat in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, City of Ashland, Oregon Department of Forestry and Lomakatsi
  • Klamath-Rogue Oak Habitat Restoration Project: working to restore oak habitats across biological hot spots in Jackson, Klamath and Siskiyou Counties in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Klamath Bird Observatory, The Nature Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management and Lomakatsi
  • Table Rocks Oak Climate Adaptation Project: implementing oak habitat restoration and climate resiliency treatments across private and federal lands in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Klamath Bird Observatory, The Nature Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management and Lomakatsi.
  • Regional Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Restoration Program: implementing stream and riparian restoration in partnership with in partnership with US Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Fish and Game, California Trout, Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust, Klamath Tribes, Pit River Tribe and regional schools.

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