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Watershed Protection and Helicopter Thinning in Next Phase of AFR

Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project (AFR) offers a tour to highlight watershed resource protection and upcoming helicopter thinning in this science-based, community collaborative work. The partners use principles of ecological forestry to guide restoration.
Recent recommendations by a district court magistrate uphold the AFR project on 7 of 8 points, and the remaining point on protecting “effective groundcover” remains under review. AFR partners will work to promptly adapt to a final ruling of the court when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, The Nature Conservancy and partners will showcase the special measures in place to protect fragile soils, the city’s clean water supply and homes from severe wildfire, while preserving old growth trees and wildlife habitat. Input over eight years from hundreds of community members, through dozens of meetings and tours in the watershed, has guided the project.

The next tour, scheduled for October 13, 9AM to 1PM, will lead participants to steeper slopes where helicopters will be used to protect fragile soils while thinning. AFR partners will show participants thinning work in progress and ecological buffers that are in place to protect Northern Spotted Owl home ranges, the Pacific Fisher, streams, and slopes prone to landslide. To sign up for the tour or learn more about work in the watershed, call or email Chris Chambers at the City of Ashland at 541.552.2066,

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