Community Outreach & Education

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Program Mission:
Building stewardship into the communities we serve by providing engaging, educational opportunities in the field of ecological restoration.

Program Background:
Ecological restoration is a relatively new, evolving field of work. One of Lomakatsi’s founding principles entails providing educational opportunities for the communities we serve with the goal of building and strengthening the field of ecological restoration. Through orchestrating forums, presentations, workshops, field tours, conferences, newspaper, television and radio interviews, managing an educational website, hosting social network marketing campaigns, participation at community events, and development of educational outreach materials, Lomakatsi’s Community Outreach and Education Program provides participants of all ages with opportunities to learn about and gain hands-on experience in the field of restoration ecology.Marko with map and people, 1 pptx

Topics Explored Include:

• Ecological restoration
• Restoration forestry
• Forest thinning and fire ecology
• Traditional Ecological Knowledge
• Ecological woodlot stewardship
• Restoration by-product utilization
• Watershed function and health
• Aquatic restoration
• Wildlife habitat protection
• Backyard stewardship
• Collaboration

People listening, 408x209, 2 pptxSample Program Offerings:

White Oak Workshop:
Leading indigenous cultural practitioners, restoration ecologists, scientists and permaculture designers provided workshop participants with valuable information about traditional ecological practices, local ecology and current restoration forestry principles. Guided through practical, hands-on experience, Lomakatsi and our partners showed how the forest, woodlands and fields can be used to help restore and enhance forest and woodland resiliency, species diversity, and site productivity. This workshop also explored Native American ecological techniques for cultivating viable plant communities for use as food, basketry and weaving materials.

Public Field Tours:
Lomakatsi and our partners have conducted hundreds of public tours to active ecological restoration sites. We believe our communities develop an understanding of the importance of ecological restoration through seeing and participating in hands-on experience. Public field tours take place in all of our active, large landscape projects including the Ashland, OR watershed, the Illinois Basin, the Colestin Valley, and the Klamath River Basin.

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Agency and Partner Organization Workshops and Tours
Over the years, Lomakatsi has hosted numerous workshops and tours in active restoration sites for our agency and partner organizations. As a precedent setting, collaboratively based organization, we strive to educate and provide training for our partners in the field of ecological restoration.

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Public Presentations:
Lomakatsi provides multiple public presentations, given in a variety of settings. Topics addressed include:

    • Restoration Ecology
    • Restoration Forestry
    • Building Collaborative Partnerships
    • Adaptive Management
    • Fire Ecology
    • Backyard Stewardship
    • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
    • Streamside Restoration
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