Ecological Info

We adhere to Ecological Principles we developed and continue to refine. These principles are the

  • basis for our prescriptions,
  • applied and monitored by experts in multiple fields,
  • implemented with care by trained workers.

For a sample prescription, click here.

Lomakatsi Ecological Principles, and Methodologies (prescriptions) have been adapted, adopted, and expanded upon  in the context of the Sierra Nevada Community Conservation and Wildfire Protection Plan (CCWPP) Guidebook (2007).

To view the Conservation Principles for Community Wildfire Protection in California’s Sierra Nevada [click here]

To view the CCWPP Appendix about Fire Ecology and Management of Sierra Nevada Vegetation Types, primarily co-authored by Marko Bey of Lomakatsi and Susan Britting, PhD      [click here]

Methodologies and prescriptions used throughout the CCWPP Guidebook are found in the Conservation and Wildfire Background Materials, and Background C is the Wildland Fuel Hazard Reduction document, much of which was also written by Marko Bey of Lomakatsi. To see this document, go to:

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