More on this subject will be covered in this section in the future, but an appropriate place to begin is with the results of this historic gathering concerning the issues facing all of us attempting to restore natural fire regimes.

Follow the links below to a series of presentations by authorities from a broad array of groups — federal and state agencies, tribes, universities, non-profit groups and private citizens.  The text below can be found at the website of the Mid Klamath Watershed Council at this location.

K L A M A T H   F I R E   E C O L O G Y   S Y M P O S I U M

2011 Symposium

The Mid Klamath Watershed Council is hosting the Klamath Fire Ecology Symposium at the end of April 2011. Please check back for more details at a future date.

2 0 0 8   S Y M P O S I U M presented below

The Mid Klamath Watershed Council hosted the Klamath Fire Ecology Symposium on April 25-27, 2008. The symposium brought together land managers, scientists, practitioners, landowners, students, and anyone with an interest in understanding fire’s role in the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains.

The symposium focused on several case studies particular to the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains involving prescribed burning, recent wildfires, wildland fire use, appropriate management response and current research in the area. The eventual goal of this conference is to create a vision for getting fire on the landscape in a way that protects life, property, improves forest health, and enhances resources. The presentations from the symposium are now available in pdf format below.

2008 Presentations

Friday, April 25th

Saturday, April 26th

Sunday, April 27th

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