Ecological Workforce Training, Read More, Hope Mountain Stewardship Project

Ecological Workforce Training – Hope Mountain Stewardship Project

Workers and interns review and discuss ecological prescriptions for Hope Mountain Project

Job creation, workforce training and development
are primary objectives of the Hope Mountain
Stewardship Project and this was supported through
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding.
During the Hope Mountain Stewardship Project,
Lomakatsi provided training and employment
opportunities to a total of 130 forest workers
from Josephine and Jackson counties. Three well
established forestry contractors and two timber
operators participated in the program which served
to create employment opportunities – in one of the
most economically depressed areas of Oregon –
while simultaneously building local contractor and
workforce capacity.
Lomakatsi’s Ecological Workforce Training
Program trained a new 32 person workforce
in the rural communities of Cave Junction,
O’Brien and Takilma with both in-class and
hands-on opportunities in stewardship forestry.

Intern-workers participated in this 9 month
training series where a wide range and diversity
of skills in both the technical and labor intensive
aspects of holistic ecosystem management were
shared. On-project training sessions assisted in
developing skill sets and demonstrating a workable
model–during project implementation on 890
acres. Activities served to reduce extreme fire
hazards and restore late successional forest habitats,
while providing green jobs in restoration forestry.
In addition to workforce development
and training, an otherwise unemployed and
underemployed constituency of local residents
and displaced timber industry workers were given
employment opportunities and training, while
participating in the emerging and developing
stewardship forestry industry. The story is still
unfolding with more projects and opportunities on
the horizon.

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