Published January 30, 2023

Thanks to The Sustainability Collective for inviting us to present at their gathering last Wednesday evening Student Sustainability Team at SOU!
The Sustainability Collective brings together students, local organizations, and the public weekly to discuss topics related to environment, mindfulness, and social justice. This term, they’re organizing around Spirit, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, and how local organizations form relationships with those elements. This group is particularly stoked about prescribed fire and cultural burns! Learn more about the Collective’s activities here:…/the-sustainability-collective.
Tribal Partnerships Director Belinda Brown presented on fire as medicine for the land, the need to connect people back to their landscapes, the success of the Ashland Forest Resiliency model, and hopeful actions that inspire us forward through climate crisis.

She also shared about Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the importance of ecological forestry to prepare a landscape for fire, which is crucial for aboriginal cultural practices like basket weaving. For example, cultural burning enhances hazel shrub stem production that provides the materials for Karuk and Yurok basketweavers.
Then Communications Associate Allayana Darrow led the Collective in a basket craft activity from the Southern Oregon Fire Ecology Education’s FireWorks! Curriculum. Check out these photos!
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