Ecological Restoration Funding
The majority of Lomakatsi’s funding comes through various federal and state agency programs designed to accomplish forest and watershed restoration and habitat improvements

Funding is distributed to Lomakatsi to accomplish restoration work and operate our programs under the framework of long-term partnership agreements with federal and state natural resource management agencies. These mechanisms include cost-share arrangements where Lomakatsi provides matching funds. Lomakatsi and agency partners enter into the framework of long-term stewardship agreements, participating agreements, cooperative agreements, and Memorandums of Understanding which outline a specific scope of work, deliverables, and how the shared financial resources will be used.

Public Education Funding
In addition to federal and state sources used for accomplishing forest and watershed restoration projects, smaller portions of our funding are provided by private foundations, membership donations and private donors.  These are used to support organizational capacity for restoration projects and program development.

The Full  Circle Schools Restoration Ecology Program and the Community Outreach & Education Program are not eligible for the kind of federal and state agency programs mentioned above.  These programs are essential for fulfilling our mission as an educational group, but they must be funded completely from private foundations and individual donors.  Since the onset of the current economic recession, the pool of financial resources available to foundations has been severely reduced.  This means that donations from people living in our communities and elsewhere in the region are more important than ever.

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