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Gladis García, Promotora de Salud

Gladis García, part of Lomakatsi’s Promotora Program, actively recruits workers to training sessions and conducts trainings for forest workers on a variety of occupational safety and health topics.

Gladis formerly served as Program Coordinator at the Northwest Forest Worker Center (NFWC). She has 4 years of experience providing occupational safety and health training the the Latinx forest worker community of Southern Oregon.

Gladis was instrumental in developing three of NFWC’s training modules, on avoiding being struck by objects, preventing pesticide exposure, and preventing musculoskeletal disorders. She is trained to conduct levels 1, 2 and 3 evaluations of the trainings. In addition, Gladis was directly involved in NFWC’s NIOSH-funded research project, assisting with interview tool development, recruiting workers to interviews and interviewing workers about on-the-job hazards and job-related injuries and illnesses. She is a native speaker of the dialect of Spanish that forest workers in southern Oregon speak.

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