Published August 4, 2022

Sending you all a kind gesture and hearty heartfelt handshake this morning from across Oregon and over to northern California. We wanted to give you a snapshot of the diverse ecosystems and geographies that Lomakatsi can be involved in stewarding at any given time – in this case today. This photo is taken in northeastern California – close to the Oregon and Nevada borders – where our team of forestry technicians, including 5 members of the Kosealekte Band of the Ajumawi-Atsuge Nation, are collecting data for the development of a future habitat restoration project. This is the furthest east we are working today, on the Modoc National Forest within the Kosealekte Band area.
Lomakatsi’s wildland fire hand crew is deployed in the northeast corner of Douglas County, near Diamond Lake, and our Type 6 engine and crew are in northeastern Jackson County. The furthest west we are working today is in Del Norte County near Crescent City on an elk habitat improvement project in partnership with the tribal community, just minutes away from the ocean.
In summary, today Lomakatsi is involved in ecosystem restoration, fuel hazard reduction, recreation maintenance, and wildland fire response operations spanning 2 states, as we work across 5 counties, 4 national forests, 2 tribal trust lands, and 2 private land sites. These operations are made possible by our 8 in-house multi-cultural crews, comprised of over 65 personnel – supported by an additional 45 personnel from 4 contract crews that we are also employing. As our team’s hands touch different lands across the region, we wish you all a good day during these challenging times as we work to restore ecosystems and protect communities.

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