We like to say, “every day is Earth Day” at Lomakatsi, because we are committed to working each day for the long-term vision of communities and ecosystems in balance—across the Rogue, Klamath, Umpqua, Willamette, Pit River and Great Basin watersheds we call home.
Today we honor the tribal nations and communities across Oregon and northern California that bring generations of traditional ecological knowledge to collaborative ecosystem restoration efforts. To our diverse restoration workforce and teams on the ground—representing tribes upon whose ancestral lands we work, as well as families from across the planet—Lomakatsi sends out a big thank you on this special day. We extend our gratitude to the many community members, donors and partners who work with us to care for these rich, biologically diverse landscapes and the life support systems they provide.
Our projects continue to cement a framework for perpetual ecological stewardship, setting the stage for ecologically beneficial prescribed fire. Over the past year we employed dozens of youth through paid learning experiences, planted thousands of native trees and shrubs, supported hundreds of jobs and training opportunities, advanced ecocultural restoration projects with tribal partners, and accomplished thousands of acres of forest restoration — sending millions of board feet of saw logs to local mills as the by-products of ecological forestry — working across federal, state, tribal, city and private lands. These efforts enhance wildlife habitat, protect ecosystem services, and reduce the risk of severe wildfire to ecosystems and communities.
Today we also honor Takelma elder—and advisor to Lomakatsi—Taowhywee – Agnes Baker Pilgrim, who dedicated her energy to speaking on behalf of Earth and all her creatures, and who prayed that people would hear her message that we must do better for our water and our air, bring back cool burnings to the earth, and put our hands back on the land.
From all of us at Lomakatsi, we invite you to celebrate this 52nd Earth Day with joy and reverence for these glorious spaces we are fortunate to call home!

“We need to watch out for our animal kingdom that was created before us two-leggeds, and we need to take care of them and be the voice for the voiceless, for they don’t have a voice, as well as the green upon our Mother Earth. We need to be that voice.”

Taowhywee-Agnes Baker Pilgrim

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