Lomakatsi Accomplishments 2011

Lomakatsi Accomplishments 2011

! - White Oak, fall qv 2005 7.9x6, 013OAK RESTORATION PARTNERSHIP EVENT On November 3, 2011 Lomakatsi, US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Klamath Bird Observatory, hosted a successful event that helped agencies and organizations learn about the oak habitat restoration projects Lomakatsi is implementing in the ColestinValley. We had 26 individuals attend from California and Oregon from the Fish and Wildlife Service, NRCS, Forest Service, BLM, Oregon Department of Forestry, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Participants explored four different restoration sites at varying stages in the restoration process and learned about the bi-state regional effort led by Lomakatsi through the NRCS Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative (CCPI).  The CCPI is aimed at restoring vanishing Oak habitats in Douglas, Jackson and Siskiyou Counties.

STREAMSIDE FOREST RECOVERY WEEK,  November 7-12, 2011 . . . A BIG SUCCESS!  Up to 90 students a day learned how to help out the streamsides along Bear Creek in Medford and Cottonwood Creek in the Colestin … with the help of people from Ashland High SchoolJohn Muir SchoolSt. Mary’s SchoolLogos Public Charter SchoolRogue Valley Audubon Society, and others.


November 14-18, 2011 BEAR CREEK RIPARIAN FOREST RESTORATION, … including Tree planting and macro-invertebrate studies (by OSU extension staff), with students from Willow Wind Community Learning Center.

Saturday, 11/19/11, 11am to 3pm, In partnership with Rogue Valley Audubon Society & the Medford Tree Committee

Tuesday, 11/29/11, 12 – 12:30. “The Ashland Watershed: where our water comes from and where it goes.” This review of Ashland’s water supply from top to bottom was prepared by staff from North Mountain Park on behalf of the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project, and presented to six classes of 6th grade students,

Wednesday, 11/30/11, 2-3:30. . . . Tree planting, with students from Logos Public Charter SchoolBear Creek Riparian Forest Restoration Project, Medford.

Friday,12/2/11 – Native Tree identification activities and native grass seeding, Ashland Creek Pond Project

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ANNUAL SUMMARY: Restoration Ecology Education:  Medford Bear Creek Riparian Restoration Project – Spencer Street Adopted Site. During the 2011 season, nearly 300 students and community volunteers from throughout the region put in over 840 volunteer hours of hands-on restoration work planting a total of 367 native trees — thanks to a grant through “Together Green,” a collaboration between Toyota and Audubon, that helped implement this project. For lots of wonderful photos and more, follow the Facebook pages of Spencer Street and Lomakatsi.   For a large aerial photo of where this is in Medford, click here.


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