Neil Creek Begins 11-6-12 ALL PHOTOS

In Honor of Koa Nakai Markham, Restoration Work Begins on the Neil Creek Project, November 6, 2012
With students from Ashland High School, and elementary school students from the Waldorf on the Farm school.  Scroll down for 11 photos.

Ashland High School students worked hard and set the stage for this restoration site.

Niki Del Pizzo, Lomakatsi’s Education Program Director taught students how to plant trees.

The sound of water flowing and leaves rustling in the autumn breeze kept Ashland High School students company while they worked.

Learning to care for the land.

Three steps in planting a tree:

Digging a hole to plant a tree.

Removing the root wad from its container.

Carefully planting an alder tree along the stream bank. Future shade will cool the stream while roots stabilize the bank.

Koa’s family welcomes students from the Waldorf on the Farm School. Everyone took time to reflect on the significance of the project and the import work ahead.

The Markham family was joined by students as they gave a prayer to Koa and thanked Mother Earth by offering a piece of turquoise to the stream.

Young students learn how to plant a tree.

Koa’s brother prepared a cedar sapling for planting by applying mycorrhiza to the roots.

Koa’s dad joins students in planting trees.





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