Neil Creek begins 11-6-12

Restoration Work Begins on the Neil Creek Project
In Honor of Koa Nakai Markham

On Tuesday Nov. 6th, 2012, as part of Lomakatsi’s Streamside Forest Recovery Week, restoration work commenced on the newly adopted Neil Creek restoration site. It was a beautiful, heartfelt day spent by all, working in the dirt, planting trees, feeling the last of the autumn sun on our backs, and giving back to mother earth.

Sending out a huge “Thank You” to all of you who made this day possible through your donations and support. All of us at Lomakatsi feel privileged to help make this project happen. As the tree roots take hold, salmon return to the stream, and future generations of kids learn stewardship, Koa’s special spirit lives on. ****

“Yes, this is beautiful. Meaningful and sacred. Kids using their bodies and having a relationship to this earth. I felt Koa in that moment giving yet another gift in his wake. These kids just planted a tree on the earth and they got that opportunity through Koa. A day out of the classroom and in the sunshine giving back to the earth. The young kids ran in circles while the older teenagers worked to plant. The land was filled with new life. The saplings and the human’s in a dance bringing forth a promise of newness to the land, to this earth.

I stood there with tears in my eyes and allowed myself to wake up to the beauty of what was before me. 30-40 kids planting trees on the creek. The trees that will be here long after I am gone. After we all are gone. Koa had done it again. Gathered people in a meaningful way to make this planet a better place. I eagerly wait the moments where the land returns to quiet and I can go spend time with each of these trees and welcome them here to this space. They are lucky trees to be here. They will hear ceremonial singing, the sound of the creek, kid’s laughter and sorrow of adult grieving. They will hear all of the private conversation that people will have by the creek and they will have silent meditative company for those of us that just need a place to sit. They will know rain, snow, cold and hot, they will be visited by the birds, insects, four legged animals and farm creatures. Yes indeed this land is a lucky place to take roots. Bless the new life that has found its soil to take roots. I welcome you here tree people. And I thank all the hearts and hands of the kids who planted them. A special day indeed.”

~Victoria Markham

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