Niki Del Pizzo – Lomakatsi’s Education Director

Niki, ac 3-31-13, IMG_1805Niki Del Pizzo – Riparian Restoration Manager

Niki develops, designs and implements riparian restoration projects.  She manages Lomakatsi’s native plant nursery and is responsible for the long-term management of Lomakatsi’s adopted riparian restoration sites. Niki also directs Lomakatsi’s Restoration Ecology Education Program, where she leads students, community groups and community members in education-based field restoration events. She develops lesson plans and curriculum relevant to the work of Lomakatsi and the field of restoration ecology, working closely with teachers, agency biologists and environmental educators.

Niki moved to southern Oregon in 2004 from Boulder, CO where she first became interested in working with plants. She has a BS from Penn State University.  Her work background includes plant nursery management, medicinal herb farm management and landscaping.  Niki has woven teaching into most of her previous work through internship management, community presentations and landowner education.  She has been part of the Lomakatsi staff since 2005.

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