Published May 23, 2022

Last Thursday, Lomakatsi and members of the Rogue Forest Partners hosted state legislators Rep. Pam Marsh and Sen. Golden on a site visit to the West Bear All-Lands Restoration Project. The group met up with a 25-person multicultural Lomakatsi crew implementing ecological fuels reduction funded by Oregon Department of Forestry through Senate Bill 762, which supports wildfire mitigation and community resilience across the state. 

Through a collaborative application process, we were awarded nearly $3.5 million for West Bear through SB 762, bringing the total project funding to just over $11 million. With additional investment, partners plan to implement hazardous fuels reduction and forest restoration on 10,800 acres of the 27,000-acre project footprint to achieve a substantial reduction in the risk of severe wildfire to communities and the ecosystem.

Rep. Pam Marsh and Sen. Jeff Golden, central proponents of SB 762 in the state legislature, shared the value of seeing the legislation hit the ground, as the group discussed building capacity and strengthening partnerships to increase the pace and scale of this important work. We are grateful for our legislators’ leadership in securing much-needed funding to support West Bear and many related efforts, and to our many partners for their collective dedication to perpetuating this work, building capacity, and improving the connectivity of treatments across the landscape.
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