Plant a Tree for the Planet

plant a tree
For over 23 years, Lomakatsi Restoration Project has been
restoring rivers, streams, forests and meadows.

It takes two to plant a tree (at least)

It takes two to plant a tree (at least)

Plant a Tree for the Planet
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You Can Help – Plant a Tree for the Planet

Restoring ecosystems makes homes for wildlife, creates forests better able to handle changes to the climate, and allows areas to thrive again.

Restoration work goes beyond caring for forests and streams, it also cares for people, providing jobs, clean water, better air and a whole lot more.

Every tree planted helps restore balance to our world

Creating fresher air, cleaner water, and homes for wildlife.

  • $25 puts a native seedling in the ground
  • $12 provides care for a seedling in our nursery
  • $6 purchases a seedling that will grow to become forests

To learn more about how your business or organization can be a part of Plant a Tree for the Planet,
please contact us at 541-488-0208 or email.


Give today to plant one or more trees for the planet

Every year, Lomakatsi plants more than 5,000 trees and shrubs to help restore streams and rivers. Often, the trees are planted as part of restoring ecosystems near local schools, and school children help with planting, learning about science, spending time outdoors and taking responsibility for the world they will inherit.

Build Resiliency, Become part of the Change

Let’s All Work Together to Care for Our World

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