Program and Administration Staff

MarkoMarko Bey, Executive Director

Executive Director and Lomakatsi’s co-founder, Marko works in a variety of capacities, overseeing all aspects of planning, development, and operations for the organization’s programs and projects.

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Shane Jimerfield Program DirectorShane Jimerfield, Program Director

The Program Director serves in coordination with Lomakatsi’s team of directors to develop and implement programs and services.

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Aaron nauth1BestAaron Nauth, Restoration Operations Director

Starting from the ground up, Aaron has worked for Lomakatsi since 1998 in variety of capacities throughout the organization. As the Restoration Operations Director, he currently manages many contracted projects and active partner initiatives for Lomakatsi’s Restoration Program.

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Belinda BrownBelinda Brown, Tribal Partnerships Manager

Belinda works as a community liaison, engaging with tribal elders, tribal councils, cultural resource monitors and tribal department staff.

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Tom GrecoTom Greco, Communications Manager

Tom works with our communications team to raise Lomakatsi’s visibility and spread awareness of the important work we do on behalf of nature and communities throughout Oregon and northern California.

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Connie Crawford, Grants and Agreements Administrator

Connie joined Lomakati’s team in April of 2016.  She works in two areas of administration by maintaining daily office operations and assisting staff, and supporting the Accountant in the management of Lomakatsi finances.

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Lori2 (2)Lori Larson, Bookkeeper

As Lomakatsi’s Bookkeeper, Lori works closely with the administrative and program staff, providing assistance in the financial aspects of the organization.

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sylviaVirginia Amoroso, Tribal Partnerships Associate

As Lomakatsi’s Tribal Partnership Associate, Virginia Amoroso plays a critical role in the development and delivery of our Tribal Partnerships Program. She also serves on the Lomakatsi Tribal Advisory Committee and works as a Tribal Youth Workforce Manager and Cultural Practitioner.

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sylviaSylvia Holmes, Administrative and Human Resources Assistant

As the Administrative and HR Assistant, Sylvia spends her days building systems and processes while assisting the Lomakatsi team with various exciting administrative tasks.

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Sonya PrislacSonya Prislac, Accounting Assistant

As Lomakatsi’s Accounting Assistant, Sonya helps our finance team with all aspects of bookkeeping, and assists with day to day operations including payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

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Restoration Project Technical and Implementation Staff

Photo of Jill BeckmannJill Beckmann, Lead Ecological Forester

Jill leads the Lomakatsi team in ecological monitoring, silvicultural prescriptions, database management, and analysis, while working with partner organizations to plan and implement holistic landscape-scale forest restoration projects.

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Josh, croppedJosh Budziak, Restoration Design and Implementation Specialist

Having been with Lomakatsi since 1999, as the Project Design and Implementation Division Supervisor, Josh uses his extensive experience in ecological and technical forestry, botany, restoration silviculture, GIS mapping, fuels reduction, and logging systems layout to design and implement ecological restoration prescriptions.

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John Cymor, cropped, Workforce Operations ManagerJohn Cymore, Restoration Operations Supervisor

John serves as Lomakatsi’s Restoration Operations Supervisor, overseeing technicians, crew managers, workforce personnel and subcontractor activities.

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Ryan Bio photoRyan Puckett, Restoration Technician Manager

Ryan Puckett has been with Lomakatsi since 2008. During this time, Ryan has served in a number of roles. Originally part of Lomakatsi’s labor restoration workforce, Ryan was a sawyer for a number of years, eventually becoming Lead Workforce Trainer and now Restoration Technician Manager. As the needs of the organization increased, Ryan was able to transition into the technical side of restoration. With mentoring from Lomakatsi technicians and partners he was soon helping with different stewardship projects throughout Oregon.

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Niki, ac 3-31-13, IMG_1805Niki Del Pizzo, Riparian Restoration Manager

Niki develops, designs and implements riparian restoration projects.  She manages Lomakatsi’s native plant nursery and is responsible for the long-term management of Lomakatsi’s adopted riparian restoration sites. Niki also directs Lomakatsi’s Restoration Ecology Education Program, where she leads students, community groups and community members in education-based field restoration events.

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Braullio 2Braulio Maya Cortes, Lead Restoration Crew Manager

As the Lead Restoration Crew Manager, Braulio oversees all on-the-ground workforce personnel operations. Using his Spanish/English bi-lingual skills to direct operations, he serves as Lomakatsi’s cross cultural workforce liaison engaging Latino, Native American and Euro-American workers.

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Joe Ochoa, cropped, Tribal Restoration Crew ManagerJoe Ochoa, Tribal Restoration Crew Manager

Joe directs Klamath Tribal crew members in the labor intensive aspects of on-the-ground work inherent in restoration project implementation.

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Andres MarquezAndres Marquez, Operations Support Coordinator

As Lomakatsi’s Operations Support Coordinator, Andres provides bilingual support to our restoration workforce crews and coordinates their project assignments.

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Callum photoCallum Knights, Forester

Callum Knights is a part of Lomakatsi’s Technician Crew which is responsible for project layout & design, monitoring, and inventory. He is originally from the Rogue Valley and was born in Merlin. Callum returned home recently and began working for Lomakatsi after completing his B.S. in forestry with a focus in Forest Management from Oregon State University.

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Ben CohenBen Cohen, Shop Manager

As Lomakatsi’s Shop Manager, Ben maintains and repairs Lomakatsi’s work trucks and equipment for our restoration work crews. He also provides general handyman skills to our office and continually proves himself to be a remarkable fleet mechanic and equipment manager.

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Restoration Workforce

Our restoration workforce is made up of highly skilled seasoned forest workers and trained burn technicians. Restoration workers plant trees, pull invasive weeds, thin the dense, fire-suppressed forests, stabilize the slopes, seed the native grasses back to the woodlands, stack the sticks to reduce fire hazards, and carry the drip torches in an effort to carefully reintroduce fire back into the landscapes.

Alonso VillaseñorAlonso Ponce Villaseñor, Crew Boss

Alonso worked as a wildland firefighter with Pacific Oasis for 4 years before joining Lomakatsi. He has been in the U.S. since 2007 and enjoys sports, fishing and hunting in his spare time. Alonso enjoys the freedom that he experiences doing restoration work, and particularly enjoys the cool people he works alongside at Lomakatsi.

Abraham CortesAbraham Cortes

Before coming to work with Lomakatsi’s restoration work crew, Abraham worked in the timber industry for 24 years – 3 years with Summit, and 21 years with Grayback Forestry. He is originally from Moralia, Mexico, and arrived in the U.S. in the 1980’s. Abraham loves being able to work in the woods and appreciates the more relaxed work environment Lomakatsi provides.

Arnulfo TovarArnulfo Tovar

Arnulfo has been working in the forests all his life. Before joining Lomakatsi he worked for Grayback Forestry for 9 years. Arnulfo has three children – one born in Mexico, two born in the U.S. – and has been in the U.S. since 1983. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and watching soccer. The most enjoyable part of the job for Arnulfo is helping restore forests with fire.

Elias Villa CortesElias Villa Cortes

Elias had been working in the forests for nearly 20 years before he joined Lomakatsi’s restoration work crew. He is originally from Morelia, Mexico where he worked with his father in the forests making boards with chainsaws at the age of 15. Elias enjoys fishing and hunting, and coaches a soccer team in his spare time.

Faustino GomezFaustino Gomez

Faustino worked with Grayback Forestry for 5 years before joining the team at Lomakatsi. He has been in the U.S. since 2004 and enjoys playing soccer. Faustino’s favorite part of the job is working with a chainsaw and how well he is treated as a worker.

Francisco GonzalezFrancisco Gonzalez

Francisco worked cutting and planting trees for 5 years before joining the Lomakatsi restoration work crew. He has three children in Mexico and travels to visit them at least once a year. The best part of the job for Francisco is that he loves trees and being able to help the forest. In his spare time he enjoys hiking around creeks and lakes.

Santiago Cortez CoriaSantiago Cortez Coria

Santiago had been working in the forests for 20 years previous to working for Lomakatsi. In 1983 Santiago moved to the U.S. from Mexico with his family. He enjoys learning and playing violin and guitar, as well as hiking and fishing. Santiago’s favorite part of the job is being outdoors in the woods with his friends.

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