Lomakatsi Ecological Services

A wildland fire response, prescribed fire, and restorative forestry business that provides additional funding for Lomakatsi’s restoration work

In 2006, opportunities in stewardship contracting and other restoration-based work with federal and state natural resource management agencies enabled the Lomakatsi Restoration Project (LRP) to employ many more workers and treat many more acres than ever before. However, the cash flow necessary to support our expanded operations began to exceed the amount of grants and donations that our nonprofit organization was receiving. Since nonprofit organizations are required to receive the majority of their funding from nonprofit activities, our executive staff and Board decided to form a for-profit corporation to handle the increased income and responsibilities that were coming our way.

Lomakatsi Ecological Services

Restoration and Wildland Fire Offerings

  • Consultation on project planning and forest stewardship plans
  • Hazardous fuel reduction
  • Restoration forestry implementation
  • Ecologically-based thinning (logging) and forest stand improvement
  • Forest products utilization and marketing (saw logs, poles, firewood)
  • Tree planting and revegetation
  • Riparian and stream restoration
  • Erosion control and slope stabilization
  • Road decommissioning and improvements
  • Post-wildfire restoration
  • Pond construction
  • Prescribed fire applications
  • Noxious weed control
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Hazardous tree and mistletoe removal

The business structure is organized so that the majority of shares in Lomakatsi Ecological Services, Inc. (LES) will always be owned by Lomakatsi Restoration Project. As the for-profit arm and contractual entity of Lomakatsi, LES is structured as a “C Corporation” in the state of Oregon. It operates as a completely separate business entity but is one of the nonprofit’s programs toward achieving our mission.

This organizational structure is designed so portions of potential profits earned from contracts can then be donated by LES to Lomakatsi, to support the nonprofit’s generally underfunded programs, such as our education and outreach efforts.  In addition to the profits being used to support Lomakatsi’s nonprofit programs, restoration workers also share in the profits and receive health and retirement benefits.

This innovative business structure has given LES the ability to procure multi-year, large-scale restoration forestry and watershed enhancement contracts with federal land management agencies that would have been out of reach for a nonprofit corporation like Lomakatsi Restoration Project.  More employment opportunities for the workforce and the associated service and timber subcontract outfits we work with have been created. And this in turn has increased our ability to fulfill our mission of restoring ecosystems, creating green jobs, and building the skills of workers.

LES also provides services to private landowners who hire us to implement fuel hazard reduction and restoration work. Lomakatsi’s staff of resource professionals also assists landowners with planning forestry and restoration projects and with drafting stewardship plans.

Both Lomakatsi and LES are managed by Executive Director Marko Bey and other leadership staff. Many of Lomakatsi’s key personnel and workforce work for both corporations.

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