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Restoration Forestry Program
Our goal is to begin the process of restoring a wide range of complex forest communities and wildlife habitats, while simultaneously reducing the threat of severe uncharacteristic wildfires and providing small diameter and biomass materials from thinning operations.

For an example of one of our largest active projects, click on this link:  Ashland Forest Resiliency Project.

For another kind of restoration forestry see our Oak Restoration Program.

For one of our most important tools, see our Prescribed Fire Program. To view a photo of a broadcast burn after thinning in a mixed conifer / hardwood stand, click here.

Restoration Byproduct Utilization
Often materials created during ecological restoration projects are usable. This byproduct utilization is much preferred to burning all materials on site which eliminates and wastes any use newly cut material may have. If possible, utilization of cut material as saw logs, firewood, or biomass, (as an alternative to on-site burning), is encouraged. NOTE: This is different from timber production, forest agriculture, and other commercial interests which manage stands for economic gain. Byproduct utilization makes use of materials that would be created by ecological restoration activities regardless of whether there was a plan or need to use those materials.


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