We acknowledge that Lomakatsi operates programs across the ancestral lands of aboriginal peoples who lived and live in the watersheds of the Willamette River, Rogue River, Klamath River, Umpqua River, and Pit River, in what is now called Oregon and California. From sagebrush hillsides and mixed conifer forests, to oak woodlands and riverine systems, we offer our respect, recognition, and gratitude to the original past, present, and future inhabitants of these landscapes, to whom we dedicate this work. 

The rural towns and cities of southern Oregon and northern California are built on aboriginal land. Lomakatsi honors the first, best stewards of the land who continue to maintain their ancestral lands through careful planning, implementation, and stewardship of our local natural resources including air, water, earth, and fire. Lomakatsi works in partnership with many tribes throughout the region in forest and aquatic restoration projects. Local Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ITEK) is woven into prescriptions, treatments, and projects of which Lomakatsi is a part.

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