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Robert Brothers, Ph.D., Treasurer

As a Harvard and UC Berkeley graduate, Robert has dedicated his life’s work to advocating balance between protection and use through sustainable forestry. Having worked for multiple nonprofits and written numerous articles and newsletters, he has led the initiative for a “path to volume” via thinning of inventoried plantations on federal lands, a path Lomakatsi is guided by. The following article illustrates his work:  Respectful Forestry: Forest Ecosystems Could Serve Us Generously if We Would Work with Them.

Robert was on the Lomakatsi Board from 2001 to 2003, and again since 2008. During this time he co-authored Lomakatsi Restoration Project’s “Ecological Principles” with Marko Bey.  In 2005 he co-founded the Agnes Baker Pilgrim Fund with Julie Norman.  He is currently the Board President of Earth Devotion Support, a non-profit group based in California who has sponsored the multi-cultural ceremony, Blessing Mount Ashland, since 2007. Most recently, he as started a collaborative, wiki new service from the Facebook page titled GoodNews FortheEarth, with over 1,100 members worldwide. He is also the editor for Lomakatsi’s website.

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