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Gary Clarida, Shop Manager, Forest Technician and Workforce TrainerGary Clarida – Shop Manager, Forest Technician and Workforce Trainer

Gary has played a vital role as a member of Lomakatsi’s team since joining the organization in February 2008. Thanks to his ability to wear many hats (and helmets), he fulfills many roles for the organization: incorporating his mechanical aptitude, he maintains Lomakatsi’s small fleet of vehicles and field equipment; working in the field he applies his skillset in technical forestry to conduct data collection, tree marking and surveys; lastly, Gary fulfills a niche in the organization by providing workforce training for youth crews and new employees interested in the natural resource field.

Gary is a 30 year resident in Rogue River, Oregon, where he and his wife raised two children and maintain a 30 acre forested property. Gary’s past experience included 30 years working for local contractors in reforestation and forestry.  For 12 of those 25 years Gary worked for Small Woodland Services where he developed his field experience in forest restoration, fuels reduction, technical forestry assessment, and supervisory engagement with forest crews. In between his time at Lomakatsi and Small Woodland Services, Gary worked as a log truck diesel mechanic for a few years at R.B. Brown Inc., based out of White City, Oregon.

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