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Justin, smaller still, 498x554Justin Cullumbine – Co-Director / Chief Financial Officer

Co-director and co-founder of Lomakatsi, serves as the organization’s Contract Administrator and Chief Financial Officer.  His primary administrative duties include supervising administrative staff, managing budgets, finances, banking, accounting, insurance, and all fiscal functions.  Prior to Justin’s involvement with Lomakatsi he worked as a laborer and crew boss on federal and private land contracts.  He was a member of the mobile workforce for four years, planting and thinning trees, climbing trees for seed collection and working as a timber faller and bucker on logging crews.

Justin has been working in ecosystem management and ecological restoration since 1995.  He is a key member of Lomakatsi’s planning and program development team, working closely with other staff members to design community based forest and watershed restoration projects and programs. Justin performs and oversees GIS mapping tasks for Lomakatsi’s on the ground projects.  Justin manages Lomakatsi’s Restoration Byproduct Utilization Program overseeing product sales of logs, poles, firewood and biomass. Justin is responsible for purchase order agreements with mills and value added forest product utilization facilities.

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