As 2022 draws to a close, we have a lot to celebrate at Lomakatsi as we continue working across thousands of acres of forests and miles of streams throughout Oregon and northern California. From growing our team, to advancing ecological restoration projects new and old, to forging new partnerships, we’ve been hard at work on our mission of restoring ecosystems and the sustainability of communities, cultures, and economies.

Support Post-Fire Ecological Restoration

This holiday season, we’re asking for your tax-deductible donation to support Lomakatsi’s post-fire restoration work along Bear Creek in areas impacted by the Almeda Fire. Thank you so much to everyone who has already given!

Over the past year, thanks to generous support from people like you, Lomakatsi and our partners made substantial progress restoring areas impacted by the 2020 Almeda Fire. We launched an ecocultural restoration project at Ashland Pond and the confluence of Bear Creek and Ashland Creek, in partnership with the City of Ashland, Helman Elementary School and others, to re-establish critical streamside habitat upon which Coho salmon, Steelhead, birds, and other wildlife rely. This project incorporates culturally significant plant species in partnership with tribal communities and creates service-learning opportunities for people of all ages.

Your year-end gift will be used to restore important streamside habitat and enhance water quality along Bear Creek and its tributaries, including at Ashland Pond.

As our post-fire restoration work continues, we are also looking forward. With recent increases in state and federal funding to reduce wildfire risk and advance habitat conservation, Lomakatsi is building our capacity as we continue to provide leadership in collaborative forest and watershed restoration. With our team of over 80 multicultural employees—from restoration workforce members, foresters, fire professionals and ecologists to indigenous ecocultural experts, environmental educators, administrators, and program planning experts—Lomakatsi is involved in all aspects of restoration initiatives, from strategy, policy, and fundraising to technical planning, implementation, and community engagement.

Lomakatsi is partnered with state agencies, watershed nonprofits, tribal communities, cities, and others for the long haul as we help these ecosystems rebound. Thank you for your support! 

Bringing an ecological, equitable model to partnerships

Through all of Lomakatsi’s work, we are committed to putting ecosystem health first by designing restoration treatments that reduce the risk of severe wildfire while enhancing habitat, building forest resilience, and setting the stage for the return of beneficial fire. We leverage our nationally-recognized ecological workforce training and development model to build local capacity and elevate the essential role of the hands that touch the land.

For over 27 years, communities and organizations across Oregon and northern California have trusted Lomakatsi to lead collaborative forest and watershed restoration efforts, both large and small. You can trust that your donation to Lomakatsi will be used effectively to benefit ecosystems, cultures, and communities.

Leading landscape-scale restoration initiatives across thousands of acres

Lomakatsi is a key partner in the Ashland Forest Resiliency and Rogue Forest Partners initiatives in the Rogue Basin, working across state, federal, and private lands toward healthier forests and safer communities. Beyond the Rogue Valley, our initiatives range from the oak woodlands of the Willamette Valley, to the sage steppe and ponderosa pine forests of southeastern Oregon, to the mixed-conifer forests along the Klamath River in northern California.

Working with Tribal Nations and communities has been central to Lomakatsi’s mission since its inception, and we are honored to continue these partnerships and forge new ones throughout Oregon and northern California, supporting tribes in building workforce capacity to steward their ancestral lands and enhancing ecocultural resources. Lomakatsi was also selected for an Oregon Conversation Corps grant to run an 18-week ecological forestry training program for ten tribal young adults from Klamath County—and a second session for Jackson and Josephine County youth in the spring—that provides professional certifications, hands-on experience, and the foundation for career pathways in natural resources.

Lomakatsi is in it for the long haul as we work together to restore habitats, reduce community wildfire risk, and protect wildlife, water, ecosystem services, and the natural places we treasure.

Thank you for empowering communities and bringing balance back to these beautiful landscapes we are fortunate to call home! 

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