Hosted by Lomakatsi Restoration Project and the Inter-Tribal Ecosystem Restoration Partnership

Agenda Summary

The Summit will commence the evening of November 14 from 5-8 p.m. with a Welcome Ceremony celebrating indigenous cultures and Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ITEK). November 15-16 will both be full days of keynote presentations, panels, and networking opportunities.

Speakers and panelists will include a diverse array of tribal, agency, and nonprofit leaders who will highlight best practices for collaboration and tribal partnerships, challenges and success stories, ecocultural restoration and ITEK, government-to-government relations, mechanisms and legal agreements that support Co-stewardship approaches, workforce, capacity development, and more.

Participants will have ample opportunities to join formal and informal discussions, network, learn about the many Tribal Nations and organizations represented, and share information about their own organizations and relevant programs.

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