Published July 8, 2022

The Lomakatsi Youth Crew returned from the long weekend eager to explore more of the skills and careers of ecological restoration! This week’s work drew attention to wildlife and habitat conservation. The crew collected seeds of camas, Oregon sunshine, and Dichlostemma under the guidance of Kathryn Prive, Executive Director of The Understory Initiative, at Table Rocks, where Lomakatsi has a long history of restoring oak habitat in partnership with Bureau of Land Management, The Nature Conservancy in Oregon, and many others. They also collected native plant seeds and netted insects under the guidance of Jeanine Moy, Director at Vesper Meadow, to support meadow habitat enhancement for an imperiled pollinator species, the Mardon skipper butterfly. Before heading back to the valley, the crew removed wire fencing surrounding the meadow that could restrict wildlife passage within the important ecosystem.

Near Ashland, the crew decommissioned an unauthorized path near the Wonder Trail to redirect users away from vulnerable forest resources. Forest Ecologist Dr. Kerry Metlen and SW Oregon Preserves Manager Molly Morrison of TNC joined in the afternoon to discuss forest and fire ecology. To wrap up the week, Lomakatsi Riparian Restoration Manager Niki Del Pizzo led the crew in removing invasive blackberry and other plants at a long-term restoration site along Bear Creek. Restoration Program Manager Eugene Wier of The Freshwater Trust presented to the crew about aquatic ecology and restoration techniques that protect salmon and other species.
Thank you to the scientists and land stewards who guided the youth crew’s explorations and education this week!

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