Andrew Markham

Riparian Restoration Manager

As Riparian Restoration Project Manager, Andrew Markham engages with partner organizations and enhances Lomakatsi’s capacity to manage riparian and aquatic habitat restoration projects.

Andrew joined the Lomakatsi team in November 2022 with experience in natural resource management, irrigation, agriculture, organic farming, plant propagation, landscape construction and water management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Management with a focus in soil science from the University of Kentucky.

In his role, Andrew most values the process of convening the middle-ground of interested parties that results in the best effect in service to water, respects sacred grounds and diverse cultural representation, and forms relationships that benefit the world on a long-lasting, far-reaching scale. He manages projects with efficiency and efficacy, balancing cost and sustainability, natural resources and community, and thinking always of the seven generations ahead.

Andrew is passionate about working to share the Lomakatsi model and encourage more communities to organize around protecting and restoring water sources. He is a fluent Spanish speaker and Dharma practitioner.

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