Belinda Brown

Tribal Partnerships Director

Belinda serves as Lomakatsi’s Tribal Partnership Director and operates within the framework of Lomakatsi’s Tribal Partnership Program and associated initiatives. Belinda works closely with Lomakatsi’s Executive Director and staff leadership to serve tribal communities in their efforts to restore forests and watersheds on tribal trust and ancestral lands. She serves as a community liaison, engaging with tribal elders, tribal councils, cultural resource monitors and tribal department staff. Belinda also works to establish and promote effective working relationships among the tribal community, Lomakatsi and federal agency and non-profit partners.

Belinda is an enrolled member of the Kosealekte Band of the Ajumawi-Atsuge Nation (Pit River Tribe) and has served as an elected official on the Pit River Tribal Council and also as a Traditional Behavioral Health Specialist and Cultural Representative as an appointed delegate at local, state and national levels. Belinda is an ecocultural restoration practitioner and currently serves as the elected Kosealekte Band Cultural Representative.  She has served Indian Country in intergovernmental affairs coordination, strategic planning and community development for the last twenty years. Her recent work has been with the 109 California Tribes and assisting them in developing resolutions, position papers and facilitating strategic government to government coordination, workshops and collaboration for the protection and preservation of water and natural resources. Her background is in health and human services, emergency preparedness and natural resources. She is a Certified Youth Life Coach and Mentor.

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