Brayden Donnelly

Restoration Forestry Technician

As Restoration Forestry Technician, Brayden Donnelly works with our technician team to gather forest data before and after treatments, with the goal of establishing an evidence-driven understanding of the impact of restoration activities. Duties include setting boundaries, installing skips for wildlife habitat, and documenting topography and vegetation composition to inform fire behavior modeling.

With a B.S. in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior, and more than a decade of photo and graphic design experience, Brayden seeks to bridge a gap between the public and those entrenched in the latest forest science in order to efficiently achieve common goals.

Over the course of three seasons as a wildland firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service, including one winter fuels crew and two summers on a wildland fire module working to manage wildland fires for ecological benefit, Brayden witnessed a turn in the tide of over-suppressive 20th-century forest management.

Since joining the Lomakatsi team in February 2022, Brayden’s favorite part of his job is learning to read the southern Oregon landscape and tracking changes by season, from the steep slopes and tree species to deer trails and animal scratches left in madrone trunks. After spending all day outside for work, he continues to enjoy the outdoors in his free time by mountain biking and hiking with his partner and dog.

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