Marko Bey

Founder & Executive Director

Marko is the Founder and Executive Director of Lomakatsi Restoration Project ( Lomakatsi’s ten regional ecosystem restoration programs and associated workforce development initiatives are a primary result of his work. Lomakatsi has a proven record of success serving rural forest-based communities throughout Oregon and Northern California through supporting local jobs, community business infrastructure development, and restoration implementation across thousands of acres of forests and miles of streams.

Marko has over 30 years of experience working in forestry and ecosystem restoration from the ground up, working across six western states. His leadership has been essential in orchestrating the formation of collaborative partnerships, including with federal and state agencies, Native American tribes, nonprofit organizations, industry, private landowners, and community members. Marko also serves as the President & CEO of Lomakatsi Ecological Services Inc., a full-service wildland firefighting and prescribed fire contracting outfit, and serves as the Board President of the Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative. Marko participates in a variety of strategic coalitions and committees—working regionally and nationally to advance the full spectrum of ecosystem restoration, job creation, and forest-based community revitalization.

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