Martha Valle Hernandez

Promotora de Salud

Martha Valle Hernandez is Promotora De Salud (Community Health Worker) with Lomakatsi. She has 9 years of experience conducting trainings on occupational safety and health for adult learners specifically targeted at workers in the forestry services industry.

Martha was a principal trainer of forest workers when the Promotora Program was under Northwest Forest Worker Center (NFWC), and served as a principal trainer for the pilot program. She is a native speaker of the dialect of Spanish that forest workers in southern Oregon speak, and is respected as a leader in southern Oregon’s forest worker community.

Martha was routinely involved in all phases of occupational safety and health training and research the NFWC conducted, and will continue to serve in this important role at Lomakatsi. She recruits workers to trainings, implements the trainings and conducts levels 1, 2 and 3 evaluations. In addition, she has conducted interviews with workers and assisted with the development of surveys and interviewing tools as well as with data analysis in the occupational safety and health research we have conducted with forest workers in southern Oregon. She also has assisted with developing educational materials by reviewing drafts, offering suggestions for improvement, and providing assessments of the ease of use and effectiveness of the materials in trainings.

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