The Lomakatsi Ecological Workforce – Hands on the Land

Since 1995 Lomakatsi has been creating jobs, developing workforce, and furthering contractor capacity for the emerging ecological restoration and stewardship forestry industry throughout southern Oregon and northern California.  Lomakatsi’s training programs in the region have provided it with a skilled local workforce and a team of project management professionals.

The Lomakatsi crew is a ‘best value’ ecologically conscious workforce.  Lomakatsi’s leading saw crews comprise a specialized technical thinning team that is accustomed to carrying out detailed ecological prescriptions.  Lomakatsi’s crew managers are knowledgeable in the diversity and complexity of local fire- adapted ecosystems.  Crews are regularly trained in fire ecology, soils, wildlife habitat, plant associations, watershed function and health along with all the necessary skills to perform on the ground work.  Lomakatsi provides its crew members with frequent educational opportunities by organizing workshops and training programs for expanding and upgrading their skills.  All of Lomakatsi’s staff, crew management and crew members, are certified and current with various state and federal certifications to implement prescribed fire applications.

Lomakatsi consistently employs an ‘in-house’ restoration crew of more than 20 members from Southern Oregon and Northern California.  The Lomakatsi workforce is multicultural, consisting of Native American, Latino and Euro-American crew members.  Although our crew members come from a diversity of cultures, they join together forming a very specific and unique restoration worker culture.  Lomakatsi crew members are family people.

In addition to our own crews, we employ forestry contractors and timber operators from the different communities where we are implementing restoration projects.  The other contractors we hire comprise an additional workforce of up to 100 crew members during different periods of the year.  During our busy season Lomakatsi is responsible for providing employment for up to 150 personnel performing forest and watershed restoration work.

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